The knowledge and technology lead of OSMO Membrane Systems is based on more than 40 years of experience in the treatment of water and process fluid



Foundation in Stuttgart.

 OSMO Geschichte 1983


Start plant engineering for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

 OSMO Geschichte 1980


Addition of electrochemical membrane processes to the product range.

 OSMO Geschichte 1992


Realisation of the first Zero Liquid Discarge (ZLD) plant for landfill leachate.

 OSMO Geschichte 1996


Realisation of the up to then largest reverse osmosis plants in Europe with a permeate capacity of 515 m³/h.

 OSMO Geschichte 1998


Development of river water treatment using a process combination of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

 OSMO Geschichte 1999


Development ultra high pressure reverse osmosis with up to 120 bar (HP-RO).

 OSMO Geschichte 2002


Member of the GAW Group


 OSMO History 2004


Expansion of product portfolio (ion exchangers, EDI, membrane degassing) - Complete supplier of industrial water treatment.

 OSMO Geschichte 2010


Development of recycling plants for acids and alkalis

 OSMO History 2013


Development Factor X: Increasing the efficiency of reverse osmosis systems to over 90% permeate recovery.


 OSMO History 2014


Realisation of an ultrafiltration with a filtrate capacity of 900 m³/h from river water.

 OSMO Geschichte 2018V2


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