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 Plant optimisation

Regulatory requirements, rising demands for efficiency and increasing pressure to acquire value in international markets place high demands on the operators of existing plants. The main focus is on minimizing investment and operating costs without neglecting high plant availability.

Particularly in the case of existing plants, there are a number of starting points for reducing operating costs, for example in terms of saving energy and chemicals, and significantly increasing the efficiency of the plant.

Significant reduction of operating costs by optimizing the operating mode.

By adjusting the process engineering parameters of a plant, a significant improvement in the performance of the plant can often be achieved. For example, existing ion exchange plants can be optimized with regard to production and regeneration processes. This results in a noticeable saving of regeneration chemicals, lower waste water quantities or considerably longer production times.

Increased efficiency through plant conversion leads to cost savings!

Often, the operating parameters of a plant are only insufficiently monitored. As a result, it is possible that a plant is operated outside its optimum operating point, which can result in increased energy costs and a reduction in the service life of e.g. membranes. Additional measurement technology can therefore often pay off quickly!

In case your systems are not yet running with frequency-controlled pumps, this could be a starting point not only to save energy, but also to operate the system more variably and efficiently through a more precise control possibility.

Furthermore, a revision of the design with new membranes can often achieve a considerably better water quality with a lower energy requirement. We would be pleased to advise you on this topic!

With OSMO - Factor X you halve your wastewater flow and save expensive drinking water!

With our OSMO - Factor X System it is possible for existing plants to be retrofitted quickly and easily with a system that more than halves your wastewater flow! The Faktor-X system can often be integrated into existing systems without any problems, with only minimal interruption of the production of the existing installation (approx. 1 day). 

Use of alternative raw water such as river water

In many cases, a re-evaluation of available raw water sources offers new approaches, especially in the case of changes in supply costs, restrictions on discharge volumes or in the case of water quality that has been altered by e.g. organic matter. In this context, especially the treatment of river water by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis can make a considerable contribution to increasing efficiency and conserving natural water resources.




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