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Project background

In a chemical plant a product is crystallized by means of an evaporator. The evaporation process results in high energy consumption. In addition, the capacity cannot be further increased with the current evaporator.

  CP Aufkonzentrierung Beitrag

Goal and challange

The product solution is concentrated with a high pressure reverse osmosis to reduce the inflow to the evaporator and save energy.


Concept and realisation

Realization of a high pressure reverse osmosis after previous pilot tests with our pilot plant PIA and laboratory tests. By reverse osmosis it is possible to concentrate the product solution to a salt content > 1000 g/L.


Advantages for customer

  • High energy savings due to condensation of the product solution using high pressure reverse osmosis
  • Expansion of capacity possible with existing evaporator
  • Integration of the plant into existing systems
  • Low chemical requirements

Facts and figures

 Year of construction:    2020
 Plant capacitiy:  1,1 m³/h
Feed medium:   process solution





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high pressure reverse osmosis