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Project background

A power plant requires condensate treatment. Due to the preceding process it cannot be excluded that organic matter is contained in the raw condensate.

  PW Kondensataufbereitung Beitrag

Goal and challange

From the raw condensate pure condensate according to VGB-S-010-T-00 with a conductivity < 20 µS/cm shall be obtained. In addition, the organic matter contained in the raw condensate should be reliably separated in order not to disturb the ion exchange process.

Concept and realisation

To achieve the desired pure condensate quality, the raw condensate must be cooled to process temperature in a first step. A highly efficient heat displacement system is used for this purpose, which minimizes temperature losses during condensate preparation. To protect the ion exchange resins from organic matter, an activated carbon filter was provided. Downstream are cation exchangers to remove ammonia from the raw condensate and mixed bed ion exchange exchangers to remove residual ions. 

Advantage for customer

  • Reliable compliance with the required pure condensate quality according to VGB-S-010-T-00 with a conductivity < 20 µS/cm independent of qualitative fluctuations of the raw condensate
  • Realisation of the plant including neutralisation and regeneration stations by a system provider
  • High reliability of condensate treatment through coordination of the processes by a system provider

Facts and figures

 Commissioning:   2014
 Plant capacitiy:   220 m³/h
eed medium:   raw condensate





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