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Project background

Demineralised water is required for the production of a chemical base material. Drinking water is available for this application.

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Goal and challange

Deionised water with a residual ion load of < 1 mg/l is produced from drinking water. Due to the use of drinking water, the highest possible recovery must be applied.

Concept and realisation

In order to achieve the desired permeate quality, a multi-stage desalination with a permeate-staged reverse osmosis is provided. This plant was equipped with an OSMO factor X to increase the recovery from approx. 80 % to over 90 %. In addition, the plant was equipped with an OSMO-CIP to enable uncomplicated cleaning of the membrane system..  

Advantage for customer

  • Production of high-quality deionized water quality with low chemical consumption
  • Best possible water utilization through OSMO Factor-X, which saves approx. 75 000 m³ of fresh water per year compared to conventional systems.
  • Reduction of the amount of waste water produced by over 50% compared to conventional reverse osmosis systems

Facts and figures

 Commissioning:   2016
  Plant capacitiy:   120 m³/h
 Feed medium:   Trinkwasser





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