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Project background

A life science company wants to extract a medical precursor from a fermentation broth. For this purpose, the product must be separated from the biomass and impurities must be removed.

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Goal and challange

Recovery of the active ingredient with a high degree of purity.


Concept and realisation

Development of a new, economical process concept for the extraction of the product. The new process was developed in close cooperation by piloting and laboratory tests, followed by the realization of the industrial-scale plant.


Advantages for customer

  • Increase of specific flow rates and reduction of investment costs
  • High energy efficiency by concentrating the product using high-pressure reverse osmosis instead of thermal processes
  • Low chemical consumption due to processes with low chemical consumption and high effectiveness
  • Continuous support for further development of the process and increase of effectiveness

Facts and figures

Commissioning:    2019
Feed medium:   Fermentatio broth





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 Ultrafiltration  Nanofiltration  High pressure reverse osmosis