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Project background

In an anodising plant sulphuric acid is produced, which is contaminated with aluminium.

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Goal and challange

The objective is to remove the aluminium from the sulphuric acid and thus return the acid to the process.


Concept and realisation

Completion of a treatment plant that reliably brings the aluminium content of the sulphuric acid below the limit specified by the customer. A nanofiltration system resistant to sulphuric acid is used for this purpose.


Advantages for customer

  • Saving of disposal costs through reuse of the sulphuric acid
  • Controlled process through circulation of the acid
  • Reliable process with low maintenance
  • Low chemical requirement

Facts and figures

 Commissioning:    2019
 Plant capacitiy:  4 m³/h
 Feed medium:   sulfuric acid (approx. 20%)





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