PP 1 Prozesswasseraufbereitung en

Project background

In a paper mill the allowed chloride concentration in the process water was regularly exceeded. Due to the persistently high chloride load, there was a risk of corrosion damage to the paper machine.

  PP 1 Prozesswasseraufbereitung Beitrag

Goal and challange

The plant was designed to achieve a permanent reduction of the chloride load to below 50 mg/l. This was possible despite strongly fluctuating inlet qualities of the sand filtered river water and a high biofouling potential.

Concept and realisation

Reverse osmosis was provided for the filtration of the river water pre-filtered on site by a gravel filter. To ensure a stable operation and a long lifetime of the membrane, special low-fouling membranes were selected. In addition, the plant was equipped with a special OSMO cleaning system (CIP), which enables the separate cleaning of highly stressed plant components (single bank rinsing)..

Advantage for customer

  • A permanent and safe supply of process water to the paper mill while reliably complying with all limit values
  • Savings in operating costs due to minimization of required process chemicals and reduced specific water consumption
  • Increase of the "runnability" of the paper machine through higher process water quality
  • Improvement of the product quality

Facts and figures

 Commissioning:    2012
 Plant capacitiy:    450 m³/h
 Feed medium:    River water from sand filtration





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