The separation effect of the nano filtration is based, like at the reverse osmosis, on the different solubility of the components in their solvent. Hereby, mono-valent ions, like e.g. Na+ or Cl-, are retained only partially, however multi-valent ions, like e.g. Mg2+, Ca2+, So42-, PO42-, are mainly retained .

Our experience in selecting of membranes allows individual solutions for various tasks of process water conditioning, environmental technologies and as well for the treatment of process solutions. Together with OSMO Membrane Systems, you will get a costumized solution for nearly all topics of separation.

Field of application of nano filtration:

  • Conditioning of acids, e.g. separation of metals and organic molecules
  • Conditioning of bases, e.g. separation of organic molecules in celluse or food industries
  • Reduction of the CSB value
  • Separation of dye, humic substances, and much more
  • Separation of radioactive substances (decontamination), e.g. uranium
  • Softening and partial desalination (reduction of calcium and magnesium content) of water
  • Reduction of phosphate content
  • Decarbonisation
  • Separation of sulfates
  • Desalination of solutions, e.g. separation of NaCl out of dyes
  • Concentation of process solutions