Surface technology

Conventional processes for treatment of rinse water or wastewater of metalworking industries can be replaced by OSMO membrane plants. By usage of our membrane technologies, the amounts of fresh water can be reduced significantly and valuable chemicals can be recirculated.

OberflaechentechnikAdditionally to the conditioning of immersion baths by micro and ultrafiltration, acid recovery becomes more and more important. Based on our research results, not even sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid can be recovered, but also mixed acids (HF, HNO3).
Our plants for recovery of acids mostly consist of a sludge separation by microfiltration.

Downstream, there is diffusion dialysis, electrodialysis or nanofiltration plant for metal separation.

For the treatment of rinse waters, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis are part of the OSMO product range.