Environmental Technology

Recovery of flexoprint dye


Picture: printing dye (red); ultrafiltrate (orange); nanofiltration permeate (clear)

Application: Conditioning and concentration of cardboard printing dyes (flexo print), e.g. paper bag manufacturing, corrugated board manufacturing.

  • Conditioning of the rinse waters by ultrafiltration(UF): Recovery and recycling of dyes, separated by tonality
  • Further conditioning of the permeate by nanofiltration(NF): Recovery of the rinse water
  • Further conditioning of the UF-concentrate by evaporation / distillation as pre-stage for external disposal  

Advantages of the process:

  • Recovery of dyes separated by tonality is possible and established
  • Recirculation of the rinse water is possible and established
  • Reduction of the waste water amount
  • At existing waste water treatment plants (based on precipitation) amounts of sludge can be reduced enormously
  • Compact and modular design
  • Fully automized process - low personnel costs
  • High degradation rate and efficiency (concerning CSB, Cu, and much more)
  • Low operation costs compared with conventional waste water treatment